About the Wizards

Online is visual and visual has been our playground for the last 20 years. We bring more than 70 years of combined experience in visual content and broadcast stations.
The magic team

Our Mission & Vision

Virtual events in high grade quality! 

We started this journey as a challenge, bringing Tv grade knowledge and transforming live streaming into high quality engaging smart productions. We believe in the power of storytelling and visual arts. 



Combine knowledge and experience into creating visually engaging content. Engagement drives awareness and brings a new revenue stream. 

TV Grade Team


Webinar specialists

Project Managers

Content Creators


Content is King! Your content needs to rule!

– The Wizards

Who We Are

Our Magic Team

Every member of our team has at least 7 years experience in either Tv stations or the visual field. We bring all this into every virtual or hybrid production creating a bespoke visual journey for your events.

Petrica Tanase

Petrica Tanase

Founder/ Manager

Worked in the visual content field since 1998. For over 23 years he has
been a contributor and content provider to national newspapers, magazines, and many other publishers, plus national & international news agencies. He is
also a visual content authority, speaking at live and digital conferences and
events. As of November 2020, he teaches photojournalism and visual content classes at The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies.

Dina Rotaru

Dina Rotaru

Senior Producer/Production Manager

Alex Zaharia

Alex Zaharia

Junior Producer

Mihai Zaharia

Mihai Zaharia

Senior Tech

Cosmin Motei

Cosmin Motei

Senior Producer

Lavinia Cioaca

Lavinia Cioaca


Cristina Tanase

Cristina Tanase


Sorin Radu

Sorin Radu

Live Director

Laurentiu Salcaian

Laurentiu Salcaian



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover events on different time zones?

Yes, we can! We can cover events on any time zones with the same quality. For Asia ask about our custom players and solutions. 

How much time in advance should we book?

Preparations are the best way to minimize technical difficulties on the event day. We advise at least 3 weeks before.

I have a local AV team, can you do the virtual part?

Yes! We can integrate with any AV team for hybrid events. We can deploy our own producer on-site to ensure smooth collaboration. 

How about reherseals?

At least two speaker rehearsal sessions are included in every package we offer. 

Can you help with recording content?

Yes! We can produce any kind of visual content while creating a bespoke experience for your attendees.

Can you recommend other event suppliers?

Anytime! Over the years we have grown our own ecosystem of trusted event partners creating a pool of visual smart solutions and tech developments.

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