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your Tv station


With 1080p and up to 4k quality, bespoke transitions, custom live architecture, seamless multi-platform integrations for up to 12 Tv grade simultaneous speakers,  this is the crown jewel of virtual events. The solution that brings your event to another level and makes sponsors happy.

Your own Tv grade designated team for all your events ensures the best quality and overall experience.

content & recording


With live chat support, up to 1080p rec quality , and a super easy-to-use web-based experience this solution is the speaker’s favorite. Overlays, animated backgrounds, custom logo, and custom lower thirds.



Translated chat, Q&A, polls, content storage,  and up to 600 participants ready to go live, the webinar solution transforms your event into an interactive experience.

Creative Services

Our in house editors are always ready to polish your recordings and bring it to the next level.

Speaker Training

Preparation is the best way to minimize live day technical difficulties. 

Content Production

Prerecorded content, event intro, presentations, or sponsor clips we have it all covered. 


Our in-house designers will make sure your backgrounds and overlays are in-line with your company’s visual identity.


We know sometimes things might get overwhelming, we can explain and help you choose the best tech solution for your event. 

Tech Solutions

With our own partner ecosystem , we can deliver custom tech solutions to fit your demands and increase your ROI .

Tailor your services

Live experiences create immersive, meaningful connections with your audience, no matter who, or where, they are. Face to face is the best form of communication, and interactive broadcasts are the next best option because it creates a sense of inclusion and connection. We want this to be a genuinely collaborative process and so we look forward to discussing everything in great detail and answering your questions.

Four our #eventprofs who organise more than one event, talk to us about a tailored rate-card, creative services, and more.

Custom Solutions

We always customize the experience, both for attendees and for your designated speakers. We believe that every event has its own pace and vibe so with this in mind we create a bespoke story that lives on beyond the end screen of a broadcast.

It is one of the advantages of working with visual storytellers. 

post event

Subtitles & Voiceover

AI captioning or human voiceovers, or vice-versa we can deploy the best available in the market.

Smart Video


We help companies and brands to extract more value from their data & videos


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover events on different time zones?

Yes, we can! We can cover events on any time zones with the same quality. For Asia ask about our custom players and solutions. 

How much time in advance should we book?

Preparations are the best way to minimize technical difficulties on the event day. We advise at least 3 weeks before.

I have a local AV team, can you do the virtual part?

Yes! We can integrate with any AV team for hybrid events. We can deploy our own producer on-site to ensure smooth collaboration. 

How about reherseals?

At least two speaker rehearsal sessions are included in every package we offer. 

Can you help with recording content?

Yes! We can produce any kind of visual content while creating a bespoke experience for your attendees.

Can you recommend other event suppliers?

Anytime! Over the years we have grown our own ecosystem of trusted event partners creating a pool of visual smart solutions and tech developments.

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